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Service Agreement

This is not a contract, and this service agreement may be terminated at any time by either party. This is just a courtesy so there is no miscommunication, and you know what to expect. If you are on a year-round service agreement, some of these items will not apply to you.

Invoices are sent via email. Payments are due within 15 days of the email being sent out, after which they are subject to a five percent fee per month. Please pay your invoice promptly. We do not want to assign fees, but we have a hard time paying our bills when customer payments are delayed.

We accept credit cards or checks. Most banks allow for bill pay and will mail checks for free. If paying by credit card, a transaction fee will be added by our payment processor.

If a check bounces, there is a $30 fee and we reserve the right to not service the property again until the account is up to date.

If we do not show up on your scheduled day and fail to notify you, we will give you a $25 credit towards your next bill (you must let us know we failed to communicate and request this credit within 24 hrs).

We will not call or text you every time we come out, but will notify you if we have to adjust the schedule due to weather or any other circumstance. Notifications are via text message.

Each customer is allowed one “skip” per year during the cutting season if lawn growth slows due to drought or other causes. We must keep our routes intact, so if you skip, you will not be serviced again until your next regular service date (i.e. a customer can’t push back one week on a biweekly service, or our schedule will be thrown off). Once per month customers cannot skip a service, as the growth will be excessive. If you must cancel a cut, you must do so before we show up. If we show up, you will be charged for the cut whether we perform the service or not.

We reserve the right to charge a premium if overgrowth occurs due to the customer choosing to skip a cut, delay starting the service (first cut of the year), or choosing a frequency that is not conducive to their growth rate.

A customer may change the frequency of the cut at any time, but please give us adequate notice. The frequencies we offer are weekly, every two weeks, and once per month. We do not offer any other frequency at this time.

Please keep pet feces, hoses, toys and other obstacles off your lawn on the day of your service. After the first reminder, a $10 fee will apply if we have to pick up your yard.

Your property is quoted in its current condition. If you add extra garden beds, fences, plantings, or additional cutting areas later on, the service price will increase.

We do leaf blowing in the fall, but that is not necessarily the same price as lawn service. We would be happy to price that separately.

Fuel Surcharge: If unleaded regular gas is above $3.50 per gallon, the following fuel surcharge will be reflected on your invoice. This is a per service fuel surcharge.
$3.50-$3.99: $1
$4.00-$5.00: $2
$5.00-$6.00: $3

Thank you for allowing us to look, and please let us know if you have any questions about the quote or our policies.

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